Monday, September 27, 2010

Greatest in the Kingdom (Lk 9:46-50)

The discussion about who is greatest follows the second passion prediction of Jesus. The human being has the desire to be greatest among their fellow brethren. Is there anything wrong in that desire?

The word “greatest” is in superlative degree and presupposes the positions such as greater, great, less great, least etc. In other worlds greatest is always in comparison with something else. Comparison always makes a person wrestles and envy. Therefore nobody will enjoy the peace of mind if there is a thought about “am I the greatest among all my fellow beings?”. Christ teaches us to be equal under One Master that is He Himself.

The title superior (greatest) presupposes an inferior or more. For the sake of administration there may be a need for these titles. But Jesus teaches us how to use that position by showing the model of a servant leader, by washing the feet of the disciples. In today’s gospel he teaches us to receive a child which means to receive a person who is weak and vulnerable, to support and nourish. Let the model the Servant Leader motivate us in our daily lives.

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